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First web application
that simulates traffic flow dynamics


easy to calibrate, easy to test projects, easy to share results


Macroscopic model

super fast | traffic control

highway-freeway networks

With macrosimulation, HUBSIM estimates dynamic traffic conditions on networks of hundreds of kilometers within seconds, and can test dozens on traffic control strategy defined by the user.


This solution is based on a protected innovation of IFSTTAR, CEREMA and ENTPE, exclusively licensed to NEOVYA Mobility by Technology



Mesoscopic model

fast | traffic assignment

secondary networks

With mesosimulation, HUBSIM assesses any road project and any traffic control : dynamic Lane assignent, variable speed limit, rame meeting, dynamic routine stratégies, adaptative traffic light, etc.

This solution is open-source, edited and distributed by CEREMA.

Microscopic model

detailled results | multimodal trafic

urban networks

With the micro model, HUBSIM assesses road project and traffic control in dense urban networks, where interactions between vehicles and modes are intensive.

This solution relies on two open-source solutions : Symuvia (edited by IFSTTAR and ENTPE) and Sumo (edited by DLR).




You need support
as you use HUBSIM?



Our experts are available to assist

and help enhance your HUBSIM experience


You would like to develop skills

and learn more about traffic engineering, dynamic traffic simulation and data analysis?


Our experts provide

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Consulting engineering offices

Save time, Share the results

You provide consulting and expertise

to the transportation sector?

HUBSIM helps you to evaluate the impact of new road facilities, dynamic traffic control and traffic management strategies. HUBSIM integrates traffic models and algorithms at the cutting edges of research. With a simple interface, the simulation set up becomes fluid and intuitive, and analysis tools will help you to save time.

Road network managers

Informed decision, Risk management

You would like to test the impact of road management strategy on traffic conditions?

HUBSIM can test the impact of traffic controls or work zones in a few clicks. With its intuitive interface, you becomes autonomous even if you do not have advanced skills in traffic engineering. You manage the risk on your project, you speed up decision on evidence-based evaluation.​

Mobility service providers

Size, Integrate, Optimize

You need a customized transportation simulation solution? You would like to evaluate new services or new facilities in interaction with others transport modes / services?

Our experts use their rich academic research background to build your simulation solution specifically designed for your needs.​

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